The time has come to nurture happiness and productivity

To create purpose-designed living communities

If you employ talent in the healthcare, education or
services sectors, let them know, their community is here.

A place they can call home. A home they can call...

The market

By 2020, the market size of the
Healthcare, Education and Services (H.E.S) sectors will be AED 374 BN

Also by 2020, these sectors
will need to employ 751 THOUSAND industry talents

However, it is a challenge for the H.E.S employers to attract industry talent to match the demand that is growing exponentially fast.

The challenge

  1. Global chase for talent. Competitive options abroad.

  2. Rising cost of living. Restrict ideal living locations.

  3. Unfavorable living locations. Long commutes to work.

  4. Low morale of industry talent. Due to unfavorable living conditions.

As a result, industry talents are dissatisfied and continue
to search for opportunities elsewhere, causing employers to suffer
from extremely high turnover rates.

The One-stop Solution

  • Hassle-free solutions: One-stop shop for all logistics and services.
  • Location convenience: Within short commutes to city centres and workplaces.
  • Safe, comfortable and cozy: Spaces carefully designed with employee happiness in mind.
  • State-of-the-art amenities: A range of facilities and amenities for an active and engaged lifestyle.
  • Cost and operational efficiencies: Competitive, clearly priced long-term tenancy and service contracts.

"With the employer in mind and the employee at heart."

"Building a life, not a life in a building."


Bloom Holding

Bloom Holding is a group of companies dedicated to developing sustainable integrated urban communities that offer an enriching lifestyle. The Group is driven by a vision to surpass expectations of customers through partnerships with best-in-class providers of education, hospitality, healthcare and property services. Apart from the UAE, Bloom Holding has an established and growing portfolio of projects within the wider MENA region, Europe and the United States.

Foundation Holdings

Foundation Holdings is a strategic, global investment firm focused on building sustainable, industry-defining companies in the impactful sectors of healthcare, education and consumer across India and the GCC. The team has led successful IPOs across the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange and the Dubai Financial Market.

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