Christmas Kombucha Mocktail Recipes

Christmas Kombucha Mocktail Recipes

December 12, 2023

Whether you’re hosting this Christmas or need a gift for your hosts, our Kombucha is a great alcohol alternative or healthy option to have in your pantry this party season! We've collated our favourite recipes to share with you.

Berry Peppermintini

-Three sprigs of fresh mint
-1/2 cup of ice
-4oz cranberry juice
-4oz No.1 Living Raspberry Kombucha

Add ice, mint and cranberry juice to a shaker and shake. Add kombucha and stir gently. Pour into desired glass and garnish with more fresh mint

Passion Fruit Martini

-250ml No.1 Living Passion Fruit Kombucha with Goji
-25ml of Passion Fruit Puree
-10ml of Vanilla Syrup
-15ml of Lime Juice

Pour kombucha into a martini glass, add the puree, lime juice and syrup to a cocktail shaker over ice, shake well⁠ and serve.

Mistletoe Margarita

- Cranberry and rosemary ice cubes
- 1 oz alcohol free spirit
- 2 oz cranberry juice
- 250ml No.1 Living Ginger & Tumeric Kombucha

Add the ice cubes, alcohol free spirit and cranberry juice to a glass and top up with our Ginger & Tumeric kombucha, this brings the kick! Garnish with fresh cranberries and rosemary, and rim the glass with lemon juice and sugar for extra sparkles!

Rose Blush Kombucha

Simpler still, don't forget we have a non-alcholic champagne style kombucha which is also perfect for guests. Simply add a bit of peach puree and you've got a delicious Bellini!

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