Moments for Movement

Moments for Movement

May 14, 2024

As official drinks partner to Mental Health Awareness Week by the Mental Health Foundation this week is all about finding moments for movement. 

We know life gets busy and it can be tricky finding time for wellbeing-boosting activities, but adding just a little more movement to your daily life can really help with your mental health. We've got some tips below to help you find a moment for movement during your busy day:

  • Taking a moment on your lunch break to get away from your desk and have a little walk outside, connecting with nature is also great for the mind
  • Desk stretches throughout the day and being more mindful of our body and posture if you're sitting down for long periods of time
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift, or walk to local places that you'd normally drive to. Park further away when you visit the shop. Just integrating small moments like this as part of your daily life will really add up and make a difference to your mental and physical wellbeing 
  • Connecting with others is so important, think about how you can make catch ups with your friends or socialising more active (and fun!)
  • Don't be afraid to get out there! Sign up for that class you've been considering for a while, or plan days out with the family to get everyone moving - and you'll have things to look forward to!

It doesn't have to be difficult or a time-consuming commitment, it's just about finding these little moments to move and being more mindful. It's important now more than ever to look after yourself and others.

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