One Living X Mental Health Awareness Week

One Living X Mental Health Awareness Week

May 13, 2024

Mental Health Awareness week is organised by the Mental Health Foundation every year, and this year it is running from 13th – 19th May. We are honoured and excited to be supporting the Mental Health Foundation during their Mental Health Awareness Week as their official drinks partner!

The theme for the week is movement and moving more for your mental health.

Why is this important?

One of the most important things we can do to help protect our mental health is regular movement.

Our bodies and our minds are connected, so looking after ourselves physically also helps us prevent problems with our mental health. Exercise releases “feel good” hormones, that reduce feelings of stress and anger. It also helps us feel better about our bodies. It can improve our sleep too. If it involves other people, like being part of a team, a class or group we see regularly, that can also boost our mental health.

No.1 Living is evolving to One Living in June 2024, and we are on a mental wellbeing mission to help people ‘feel at one’ through brewing living kombucha, giving back to charity and offering wellbeing support. This week marks the kick off for us on this new journey, one that we are so proud to be a part of.

How you can get involved with Mental Health Awareness week with @mentalhealthfoundation and @jonnywilkinsonofficial?

The best thing you can do for yourself and to support the week is to get up and move! Even better if this becomes a routine and something you integrate into your daily or weekly life.

Talking about mental health with your friends and family is also a good way to set intentions for the week and beyond.

The Mental Health Foundation have more resources for you to look at. Whether you want to wear green for the day on Thursday 16th May, or join the Strava Challenge throughout May, anything you can do will make a huge difference!

There’ll be plenty more to come from us so make sure you’re following us on social to see what we’ve got going on throughout the week, and beyond with our evolution into One Living @onelivingdrinks across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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