One Wellbeing: Box Breathing

One Wellbeing: Box Breathing

July 2, 2024

One Wellbeing is our brand-new wellbeing centre created to support your journey to a healthier, more balanced life. We will be sharing Jonny Wilkinson's curated wellbeing tips, starting with Box Breathing techniques.

Watch the full video here and read on to find out more about this technique.


What is Box Breathing?

Box breathing is a technique used by athletes, the military, and wellness practitioners to promote calmness and focus. Also known as square breathing, it is a deep breathing exercise that follows a simple four-step pattern, each phase lasting for four seconds. It's designed to regulate your breath, increase oxygen flow, and reduce stress.

How do I Practice Box Breathing?

Inhale: Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of four.
Hold: Hold your breath for another count of four.
Exhale: Exhale slowly and completely through your mouth for a count of four.
Hold: Pause and hold your breath again for a final count of four.
Repeat this cycle 4-5 times or until you feel more relaxed.

Jonny’s Tip: “I love starting my day with a few minutes of box breathing. It clears my mind and sets a positive tone for whatever comes next. Give it a try while enjoying your favorite kombucha flavor for an added boost of tranquility.”

Why Box Breathing Works:

  • Reduces Stress: Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation.
  • Enhances Focus: Helps clear the mind and improve concentration.
  • Balances Emotions: Stabilizes the breath, which can help manage emotions more effectively.

Give it a go this week and feel the difference in your overall wellbeing.

Stay tuned for more wellbeing tips from Jonny next week!

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