Bottled Kombucha

Explore our range of bottled kombucha today, authentically brewed from fermented tea using naturally sourced ingredients, and with real fruit juices. Full of life, live cultures and antioxidants for a happy, healthy gut, our drinks will help you feel good, inside and out.

No.1 Living’s kombucha bottles are available from Sainsbury’s across the UK.

Our bottled kombucha range

Fancy a fruity fizzy drink that’s tasty yet oh-so healthy? Then you can’t go wrong with our kombucha bottles. Choose from either passion fruit or raspberry, with each mixed with added fruits of goji and pomegranate for two delicious assortments of flavours.

Alternatively, our award-winning organic ginger kombucha bottle is just the ticket for those wanting something a little different. Infused with the anti-inflammatory kick of turmeric and black pepper, the beverage packs a punch, all the while helping you to maintain a healthy gut.

General product and storage information


All of our drinks feature sustainable packaging, with our kombucha bottles produced from BPA free and recyclable glass. The bottle caps are made from aluminium and their labels are produced from post consumer waste.


Our kombucha bottles need to be kept refrigerated during delivery, so they unfortunately aren’t currently available from No.1 Living. However, you can buy them online from Sainsbury's website, or in-store in the chilled section of your local shop.