Canned Kombucha

Check out our range of canned kombucha, all of which are authentically brewed from fermented tea using naturally sourced ingredients. Packed with live cultures and antioxidants, our kombucha cans can help you maintain a happy and healthy gut.

No.1 Living’s kombucha cans are also available from Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Our canned kombucha range

If you’re after a fizzy and fruity drink that’s both delicious and nourishing, then one of our fruit-flavoured kombucha cans is just the ticket. Coming in flavours of passion fruit or raspberry, they’re infused with goji and pomegranate fruits respectively for two tantalisingly tasty combinations.

Alternatively, our award-winning organic ginger kombucha is perfect for those wanting something a little more left-field. Made with an anti-inflammatory kick of turmeric and black pepper, the drink will be an undeniable treat for your tastebuds.

General product and storage information


All of our drinks come in sustainable packaging, with our kombucha cans made from BPA-free and infinitely recyclable aluminium.


Our kombucha cans can be kept in the cupboard, though we’d recommend that you pop them in the fridge before drinking, and serve chilled for the ultimate cool & refreshing taste.