We are turning Back Friday green!

We are turning Back Friday green!

November 25, 2022 | Kombucha | Sustainability

With some countries considering actually banning Black Friday due to the negative impact on the planet and encouraging unsustainable mass-consumption habits, we’ve decided to opt out of Black Friday. Forever.

That’s why we are having a GREEN Friday instead.


Sustainability is something we take seriously here at No.1 Living. From the packaging we use, to the way we ship your order, we are continuously improving to be the best we can be, leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.


All our products are all Vegan and made with natural ingredients, we carefully create the best possible drinks right here in the UK, we don’t take shortcuts for easy profits at any point throughout the manufacturing process or supply chain.


All our products are manufactured in the EU using the highest quality natural ingredients. We work closely with our family-run manufacturing brewery to create waste-free and healthier drinks packed full of live cultures, created with care and consideration to our impact every step of the way.

Our ingredients are predominantly certified organic, and our packaging is continually reviewed from a sustainability perspective, as we continue to make strides towards our sustainability goals across every aspect of the business.


We have never used plastic bottles. All our drinks come in sustainable packaging, with our kombucha cans made of aluminium, which is BPA (bisphenol A) free and infinitely recyclable. Our cardboard outer cases are made from recycled or (FSC) responsibly sourced materials, and of course are recyclable too.


We’ve been partnered with FareShare for a couple of years now. They are on a mission to fight hunger and tackle food waste in the UK. With the cost of living crisis many of us are facing in today’s world, we will be working more closely with them in the near future. In the last year we donated nearly 26,000 cans that were shared with over 310 charities.


You can see how we stack up against key sustainability markers over on WhereFrom – a review platform focussing on brand sustainability. We are constantly striving to improve our scores on here, but we think we are off to a good start but you can see for yourself!

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