About us

Founded by Jonny Wilkinson, One Living are on a mental wellbeing mission to help people Feel at One through a living diet, giving back and wellbeing support. 

Based on Jonny’s experiences we can improve our overall wellbeing by
taking care of our bodies, so our bodies can take care of our mind. By improving the quality of what we put into our body, the more we get out of life and how we live it.

Staying true to Jonny’s values we create all our drinks in the most natural way with all natural ingredients. We authentically brew our raw kombucha to be rich
in live cultures and anti-oxidants, dairy free and vegan so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Dairy free

Gluten free

100% Vegan

Live cultures

Our story

Our story started back in 2018, with one man, our founder and England rugby legend, Jonny Wilkinson. Below he takes us on a journey of where it all began.

One Living all started when my wife was training to become a nutritionist and I was on my own mental health journey. We both discovered the role of bacteria in the gut and the idea of fermenting foods.

This discovery led us to brewing our own kombucha at home after realising the role that living foods could play, not just in our gut, but in our body and mind as a whole.

The living diet is such an exciting subject, and it’s particularly special to me because it’s such a change from how I used to look at diet and health. Back when I was playing competitively, diet was all about numbers and fuelling my body like a machine. There was no understanding of how to work with the body or any respect for its incredible intelligence and beauty, as a living thing. What I eat and how I eat has all changed to become a far more engaged and holistic experience.

After recognising how much this change in perspective had helped me, I really wanted to share my passion with others, and that’s when One Living was born. With One Living, I hope to try and reveal the potential in everyone to enjoy incredible experiences of life, through health and wellbeing and not at the cost of it. How we eat, drink and feel is all connected and improving the quality of what we put into our body will result in us getting more out of life and how we live it.

Jonny Wilkinson
Founder of One Living


One Living is a B Corp certified business and we are working on leaving no trace on the world. There is still plenty of work to be done, but we’re taking positive steps in the right direction, in the hope that our efforts will inspire others to think about their impact on the environment. Progress, not perfection.

Infinitely recyclable

We’ve taken great care to ensure our packaging reflects the ethos of the drinks contained within them and we’ve worked hard to ensure they are infinitely recyclable.

B Corp

In 2023 we became a B Corp Certified business. To us, becoming a B Corp certified business is a commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world, putting purpose before profit. We aim to make a positive impact every day.

Low Waste

We’ve partnered with food-sharing charities like FairShare, to ensure that drinks that would otherwise go to waste (such as dented cans, or surplus products) don’t get sent to landfill.

Full of Life

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